Returning to Sports After a Joint Replacement

Every patient is different, and recovery time varies depending on the condition or type of surgery. It’s important to stay positive, patient, and determined throughout the physical and mental recovery processes of a joint replacement.

After undergoing a joint replacement surgery, patients spend the course of six to eight weeks working hard through physical therapy and rehabilitation. While the recovery takes time and effort, patients are able to return to their favorite activities, including recreational sports, once they build back muscle and strength.

Physical therapy helps patients progress from small movements, such as stiff leg lifts, to walking greater distances. When wanting to introduce recreational sports, patients should make sure they have built up muscle and are easing back into the activity.

A joint replacement procedure doesn’t end an active lifestyle. With patience and determination, patients can return to the lives they love.

You should always consult with your surgeon before engaging in an activity. When considering low-impact exercise ideas after a joint replacement procedure, try one of these:

  • Calisthenics
  • Cycling
  • Low-resistance rowing
  • Low-resistance weight lifting
  • Skiing machines
  • Swimming
  • Walking & hiking

To learn more about joint replacement or returning to activities after a replacement, request an appointment online with one of our joint replacement specialists at Reconstructive Orthopedics or call (609) 251-4576.