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Reconstructive Orthopedics – Biologics Overview

Board-certified, fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist Jeffrey Murray, D.O., M.S.P.T., provides an educational overview of biologics as well as the procedure process for platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a type of biologic treatment.

Please see below for the full video transcript.

Biologic treatments for orthopedic conditions is an up-and-coming portion of the field of orthopedics where surgeons and physicians are trying to use a patient's own blood and cells to help promote healing and help patients recover from injuries without necessarily requiring surgical intervention, or using them as an augmentation to surgical treatment of conditions.

Specifically, PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a procedure where we draw some of your blood in the office. We spin it down in a centrifuge to isolate out the platelets, and then we inject those directly into the area of injury. Platelets are very important in the inflammatory and healing phases of the body, so this is felt to be injecting those directly into the area of injury and helping the body then create a large healing response in that area to help treat whatever condition is ailing the patient.

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