Drs. Brad Bernardini, John Gray, and Jeffrey Murray Receiving Philadelphia Soul Championship Rings

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Team doctors for the Philadelphia Soul Brad Bernardini, M.D., John Gray, M.D., and Jeffrey Murray, D.O., M.S.P.T., receive their championship rings.

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Ron: As we try to build, you know, a first-class organization here or a first-class professional organization, it's so important that we have doctors and medical people and trainers that share the same values that we do. And this has been an incredible relationship, an amazing partnership, and the fact that we're winning championships, we're doing it the right way, you're keeping our players healthy. The great respect and admiration they have for you guys, I hear. So it's always great to hear that because, you know, players, you know, they don't hold back. But this has been a great relationship, and I can't thank you guys enough. So from the bottom of my heart, I get to give you your nice world championship ring. So we got Shane's, there you go.

Shane: Awesome. Thank you.

Ron: Don, there you go. Nathan, there you go. Doc, you got . . .? Look at that. Thank you, guys.

Brad: Oh, look who showed up, just in time. We didn't think you were gonna make it. There you go.

Ron: There you go, Jeff. Congratulations.

Jeff: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Ron: Hey, you guys. Thank you so, so much. Looking forward to another ring.

Reconstructive Orthopedics – Receiving Philadelphia Soul Championship Rings