Philadelphia Soul Coaches and Players on Team Doctors: Drs. Brad Bernardini, John Gray, and Jeffrey Murray

Philadelphia Soul coaches and players share how team doctors Brad Bernardini, M.D., John Gray, M.D., and Jeffrey Murray, D.O., M.S.P.T., have been making an impact on the team.

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Speaker 1: Since we've all partnered up with Reconstructive Orthopedics, you know, we've really advanced in everything we do. The relationship that we have with our team physicians has made an incredible improvement here with the organization having a group of doctors that are really committed to the health and well-being of our players.

Our team can then move forward with what they have to do with the players, whether it be treatment or roster changes because of an injury, and the partnership is really just taking this organization to the next level. This is not an injury-free game. You know, we don't even call this a contact sport anymore. This is a collision sport. So injuries are going to happen, and it's just the nature of the game. But they know that these guys are here for them, and not only that, but they're here for their best interest, and they're going to do what's right every time for them.

Speaker 2: Every day in practice, we're getting to it. Day by day we're in here early around 5 o'clock to get our rehab from our trainers. Just the whole system that our trainers have helps us throughout the whole season and through our whole careers.

Speaker 3: Every day you wake up and something's usually hurting, you know, but it's great to have these guys because definitely it gives us a level of comfort knowing if we sustain an injury in a game or practice, they have us in the doctors usually the next day. So knowing that, it allows us to just go out and play and not really worry about that side of things.

Speaker 1: Our doctors have always made it pretty evident that they're just a phone call away, so if something pops up at 12 o'clock, you know, our players are in their office by 12:30 that afternoon. We're no longer waiting on a diagnosis of an injury. We're no longer waiting on weeks for an MRI appointment. They're in and they're out, and this relationship with Reconstructive Orthopedics has been better than it's ever been with, you know, things in the past.

Speaker 3: You're working with professionals, the best in the game, and no matter what age, what sport, I would feel comfortable sending friends, family, anybody there because I know they're going to get the best treatment possible.

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