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Joseph Farrell, D.O.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.9 (26 patient reviews and ratings)
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Farrell.
"This awesome doctor has basically rebuilt both my shoulders and right knee.  I couldn't ask for better treatment!!" – William L. 
"We called and were seen the same day, I took a bad fall and hurt my leg and ankle, Dr. Farrell explained  every thing to us so we understood the extent of the injury and what was needed of me to ensure that I healed properly. Dr. Farrell was pleasant and took his time to explain everything to us, we left with a feeling a lot more confident than when we went in. It was a scary time not  knowing if there was something broken or not. I am great full that we were able to be seen the same day we called." – Leonard C. 
"Dr. Farrell is an excellent orthopedic doctor. He is highly experienced in terms of his knowledge about orthopedics. He is very uplifting for his patients because of his extremely positive attitude and effective treatment he administers. He is very professional in his approach but at the same time very helpful and focused. I would highly recommend him and his team of experts for anyone that is seeking orthopedic advice or treatment." – Nayan G. 
"Dr. Farrell is by far the BEST doctor. He LISTENS to the patient. He does NOT rush you: he lets the patient fully explain their problem. He does not prejudge. I would be glad to recommend Dr. Farrell to anyone who is in need of an orthopedic surgeon." – Carolyn M. 
"It was one of the easiest Surgeries I've had. Quick recovery. Great Doctor." – Sherman B.   
"Dr. Farrell is simply the best at what he does. His diagnostic expertise means immediate, specific, and correct treatment. His very pleasant demeanor and unique sense of humor make for a comfortable and non-intimidating office experience. Patients come away feeling confident that they have been heard and their problem has been fully addressed. Although his schedule is always a full one, Dr. Farrell never rushes an appointment and makes a patient feel as if he/she is the most important one he will see in his day. He is the ultimate physician, the one everyone should be fortunate to have." – Carol G. 
"Dr. Farrell and his team at the surgical center were remarkable. Not only were they professional and very knowledgeable about their specialty but they make you feel so comfortable and relaxed in what could be a stressful situation. I would highly recommend Dr. Farrell – since my surgery I have been pain-free." – Rosemary C.  
"I have been going to Reconstructive Orthopedics for several years now for my knees! Dr. Farrell has never let me down! From the moment you are greeted at the front desk by a friendly face, to being taken back by the nurse, you feel like you are being welcomed into your family members living room! The entire staff are very attentive to your needs and comfort! It's like watching an ant farm where everyone is efficiently doing there job and love what they do! THANK YOU!!!" – Kristine S. 
"Really great staff in the office always pleasant and I really love my doctor always honest. I like all the doctors that I have seen so far." – Debbie S. 
"Dr. Farrell operated on my meniscus and I have been pain free since the surgery. Not only was I comfortable that Dr. Farrell was performing the surgery but he and the others at the surgical center made me feel confident in their expertise. What a wonderful group of professionals. Thank you." – Rosemary C.