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Thank you for choosing Reconstructive Orthopedics for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

Read what our patients are saying about Reconstructive Orthopedics.

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Average Patient Rating

Average Rating: 4.8
(999 reviews)

Patient Reviews

“I saw a PA who was thorough and explained everything I was questioning. She was quite knowledgeable. I left the office feeling very good about my issues & the future.”
– Diane K.
“All of my experiences with your doctors and staff have been great! I'm glad that I was referred to your office. Thank you for providing excellent medical care and customer service.”
– Heather B.
“I trust Dr. Sanfilippo completely!!!!!”
– Michael C.
“Great experience all around. I'm 57 and have always been very active. I had severe osteoarthritis in my left hip and could barely walk before my surgery. Dr. Klingenstein performed a total hip replacement. After 3 months, I've resumed all normal activities and am living without pain for the first time in many years. I'm looking forward to getting my 9 year old grandson ready for baseball season.”
– James D.
“Dr Marcelli is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He performed rotator cuff and bicep muscle surgery on my right shoulder. He has a great bedside manner, is very easy to talk to, and is always willing to spend time answering questions. I highly recommend Dr. Marcelli.”
– Ralph E.
“He's the best! I was walking right away after a partial knee replacement. The scar is minimal and I am now pain free! I would highly recommend Dr Brad Bernadini!”
– Wendy T.
“My experience from starting to see Dr. Marcelli several years ago to my follow up appointment after my recent hip replacement was nothing but the best. Everything went so much easier than I ever expected.”
– Kathryn M.
“I saw one of Dr. Jain's physician assistants. She was a female and I cannot remember her name. She was wonderful, very caring and professional.”
– Patricia M.
“Beginning with my initial visit with Dr. Jain in the Voorhees office in September up to partial right knee replacement performed on 11/22/16, my entire experience with everyone involved in my care at Virtua has been nothing short of exceptional. Receptionists, secretaries, nursing staff, medical assistants, PA's, and physicians were outstanding. During the time leading up to my surgery, having the Nurse Navigation Patient Access Team available whenever I had a question was very comforting. All the information contained in the Wellbe site was complete and easy to understand. As the surgery date drew closer, it was reassuring to have access to review the FAQ's and preoperative instructions at any time. Nothing was left to chance with regard to obtaining PAT's, preoperative medical clearance, medication instructions, pre and postoperative home care instructions. At the time we arrived at registration on 11/22, Karen Paladino took care of all my paperwork, necessary signatures, and was more than willing to answer any questions we had. My husband felt included in every aspect of the pre-surgery activities. We tried to get everyone's name throughout the day who was involved in my care so that each of them can be recognized for their compassion, friendliness, support and professionalism. My husband and I would like to commend our admitting nurse Terry, Will (RN, who was funny and so cheerful that early in the morning and also being the last person I remember seeing prior to nodding off just before Dr. Desai administered my spinal anesthesia), Stephanie, Sonya, Debbie, Rob, Nicole, Betsy, Dawn, Nancy, Darlene, Melanie, Shanell, AJ, and Jenny. I'm sure there were many "behind the scenes" whom we can't thank by name, but please be assured that everyone involved from beginning to end on that day is very much appreciated and I would like them know that. Lastly, I am so appreciative of Dr. Jain for taking the time during my initial visit in September to carefully explain all my options and also make me feel as if I was his only patient that day (I had been told of his remarkable bedside manner but truly never encountered any physician like him). I have had a remarkable recovery so far, feel wonderful, and am very grateful to Dr. Jain and everyone at Virtua for being so committed to providing outstanding medical care, along with exceptional patient service. After having worked in the medical field since 1973, I can honestly say that I have never seen or experienced anything like Virtua. Choosing Virtua and Reconstructive Orthopedics for my care was the best decision I could have made. My husband Patrick and I would like to wish everyone at Virtua a wonderful holiday season and very happy New Year as well. I cannot thank all of you enough.”
– Andrea M.
“I actually saw Dr. Schoifet's PA Cara. The visit went well. Cara did some tests on my right knee and said that I have a weaken quad muscle and that was allowing my kneecap to move around. She gave me an exercise program of riding a bike to strengthen the muscle. I will follow up in April. My family and I have been patients of Reconstructive Orthopedics since the 1970's. I have always found everyone to be kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Whenever I hear of someone talking about a need for orthopedic help, I always suggest your practice.”
– Catherine I.