Dr. Brad Bernardini on Female ACL Injuries

Brad Bernardini, M.D., a fellowship-trained and double-board-certified orthopedic specialist, shares how female athletes are at a higher risk for ACL tears and how Reconstructive Orthopedics offers programs to help prevent injuries as well as re-injuries.

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In general, if you look at all comers with ACL injuries, female athletes are about a five to eight times greater risk for ACL tears. And there's a lot of potential reasons for that. Some of the more common reasons are there's relative weaknesses in certain parts of the hip and core that put female athletes at a greater risk. There are certain movement patterns that are a little bit more of a risk for ACL injuries. And there's actually been programs have been shown to help decrease that risk relatively.

And at ReconSports, we have some of these programs implemented through our physical therapy in our performance programs, where we can actually help to train those athletes pre-injury. Definitely after injury, but pre-injury to help decrease some of that risk, and hopefully, keep, you know, our athletes on the field. We're also the official sports provider for the Philadelphia Soul. And we use that same protocol and those same programs to help prevent those athletes from injury.

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